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May 16th, 2019

Shrink Sleeves: A Delectable Choice for Food and Beverage Brands

Hummus Shrink

At Dion, we love our partners in the food and beverage industries. But these markets are facing some of the biggest upheavals of any industry: consumers and investors alike are demanding more sustainable packaging. They also require more ingredient transparency resulting from increased awareness of potential health benefits and risks of the things we consume. But there is even more competition in these markets than in decades past, and having packaging that is distinctive and appealing is still integral to sales. Luckily, Dion has a packaging solution that can actually improve the aesthetic appeal of your label with extra design space and increased options for unique container shapes, is easier on the environment than other types of packaging, and is water-proof and spill-proof as well: shrink sleeves!

An AC Nielson study conducted on 800 consumers found product packages with shrink sleeve labels on highly contoured containers “consistently ranked higher than those with plain labels in all five categories: packaging impact, attention, uniqueness, empathy, and appeal” ( The majority of product types this study focused on were in the beverage industry. Customers are particularly drawn to uniquely and ergonomically-shaped beverage containers, both because there is so much selection among beverage offerings and because of a desire for added functionality. Electing shrink sleeves as your labeling type gives you immense flexibility in your container options and has an increased impact on customers browsing crowded shelfs.

The food industry is intensely competitive and faces many of the same challenges as the beverage market. Food products do not fit easily into a few types of containers. Labeling can become a challenge both because of requirements about communication of product information and the vastly different types of packaging required for different types of products. Shrink sleeves can provide the added space needed to include all pertinent labeling information, elevate the impression your design makes, and allow you to maintain brand consistency through all your products.

There is one more extraordinary benefit shrink sleeves offer to food and beverage brands: water and spill-proof packaging! Food and beverage companies are always concerned with the durability of their labels. Will there be unsightly spots and smudges after a customer opens a product? Will design or text elements rub off? Will the label maintain adhesion if the product requires refrigeration? Shrink sleeves eliminate all these concerns, leaving brands to focus on what’s really important: making an incredible product!

Whatever your food or beverage product, Dion Label Printing can help you attain the highest level of customer engagement through our innovative flexible packaging solutions. Contact us to learn more about our many label options!

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