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December 26th, 2018

Unique Labels for Unique Products

Limited Edition Ethereal Gin

With busy holiday schedules and parties galore, you might want to take advantage of the holiday and gift-giving spirit with a limited edition product, whether it’s a unique bottle to be brought as a favor to a New Year’s party or a remarkable gift that’s sure to bring surprise and joy. As more and more companies participate in the trend of limited edition and specialty product options this time of year, you may be looking to demonstrate just how exceptional your specialty or limited edition product is. We know the way to do that: an exclusive label!

Our goal at Dion is to create labels that capture a product’s essence and translate it to customers by printing a truly unique label. We offer a variety of specialty options for base materials. Textured label materials are growing in popularity across a variety of industries, especially for top of the line products. If you opt for a textured base like linen, you extend your product’s shelf appeal beyond just the visual sense into that of touch, creating a fuller experience for a potential customer. And if you really want to set your product apart with a textured label, may we recommend black vellum? There are few better ways to communicate the luxury of a product than this lushly textured black material.

We’ve been sharing a lot lately about the growing trend of metallic labels and the many ways we can create metallic looks (check out our blog on metallic trends here). But if creating a memorable and festive look is what you’re going for, hot stamping is a great option. This process uses a heated die to add metallic elements to your label. Hot stamping gives extra depth to metallic aspects on your label that a metallic paper or film can’t quite replicate. And if you’re looking to create even more depth, embossing your label is a marvelous way to give your limited edition offering an edge on the competition!

Luxury is not the only thing a label printed with Dion can communicate. If you are looking for something totally unexpected, we offer wood grain label material! This material is actually made of wood and comes in different finishes like birch and cherry. It combines a feeling of the rustic with an element of sophistication that is truly unlike anything your customers are likely to have seen before.

If you have produced a limited edition product that is sure to wow your customers, make sure you have the right packaging to express its uniqueness. Contact us today to discover more about how we can help you create a label that exceeds the expectations of what you thought was possible for your label!

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