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August 1st, 2018

Using Nutraceutical Labels as an Educational Tool

Using Nutraceutical Labels as an Educational Tool

The natural food and drink market is overlapping with the food and beverage industry. As health-conscious practices among consumers increases, along with the urge to combat growing obesity rates and other lifestyle diseases, its products frequently overlap with the nutraceutical industry. Words such as “unprocessed” and “all-natural” sound appealing on your packaging, but in order for consumers to trust your brand it’s important for them to understand these key words and how they relate to your product.

Photo Courtesy of Dion Label Printing

It starts with what you choose to include for the content of your label. Part of the solution is creating awareness of fresh foods and their benefits. Assume your consumer knows nothing about nutrition. Using bold type and color to highlight key phrases will create a stand-out feature for your label. As an example, Vibrant Health includes graphics on their U.T. Biotic labels as an added visual along with important information on the functions and benefits their product offers. They use purple hues throughout the label to represent the vision of good health. When consumers understand the nutritional information on their nutraceutical labels, they make smarter decisions and live healthier lifestyles. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the brand to educate the consumer and the printer to provide a high quality printed label.

Dion Label Printing works closely with nutraceutical companies to create their products labels and help our customers educate consumers. Contact us today for samples of our work!

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