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May 2nd, 2019

Why Limit Yourself? Dion Prints Shrink Digitally and Flexographically!

Shrink Products

Shrink sleeves offer so many benefits as a packaging solution, as we’ve been discussing lately (see our blog on shrink sleeve benefits here). But perhaps you are a small company who only needs a small amount of shrink sleeves, or perhaps you want to give shrink sleeves a try but only want to dip your toes and not dive in with an order for hundreds of thousands of shrink sleeves. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. As with just about all of our labels, at Dion we have the capabilities to print shrink sleeves both digitally and flexographically. Even if your order is a lower quantity, we can produce the perfect shrink sleeve for your brand and products!

As a refresher, flexographic printing, also called conventional printing, is a process that uses flexible printing plates mounted on rotating cylinders. Labels printed flexographically can be printed with 4 Color Process (CMYK) or with an extended range of spot colors. At Dion we provide custom color matching, dynamic quality control, and in-line video registration on every label we print with our flexo presses. Flexographic printing also utlitizes a vast array of cutting dies including special shapes and sizes, as well as the ability to print on a massive number of different substrates. If you require a large number of shrink sleeves or custom options, flexographic printing may be an excellent print method for you.

Until fairly recently, digital printers didn’t have the capabilities to print on shrink film. However, all of our HP Indigo printers are now more than up to the task of handling shrink and other flexible packaging. This advance is amazing for our customers who now are able to place smaller orders of shrink sleeves while still achieving the quality Dion prides itself on for our traditionally printed items. Not to mention HP Indigo color quality on every label, no matter the substrate it’s printed on!

Let our team of label experts help you with all your flexible packaging goals. With our conventional and digital print methods, the possibilities for your shrink sleeve are as big as your imagination. Our team will evaluate your project to find the ideal print method. Reach out today to get started!

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