Custom die cuts give you a unique label that helps you stand out from the competition!

Check out some of the incredible custom die cuts we've done for our partners, and then let your own creativity flow!

The most common product label size is a simple rectangle, but did you know that when you partner with Dion Label Printing, the options for label shape are nearly limitless?


Our team of experts are capable of handling even the most complex die cuts and shapes.


In industries where competition is fierce and label and packaging design are one of the primary considerations for customers, sometimes a little something unexpected is all you need to tip the scales in your favor.


Black Birch Wine on wood table with corks

The tree on Black Birch Vineyard's labels is not printed! This incredible custom die cut enables them to engage customers more deeply with their label design and products.

Luluna Kombucha label on wood background with plants

Luluna Kombucha uses a subtle die cut to emphasize the stylized moon that is an intergral part of their minimalistic label design.

Silver Harbor Blackbox Stout label on wood background

Comined with the gold elements, Silver Harbor Brewing Company uses a custom label shape to help set their brand apart.

Vermont Vermouth Zephyr on rock against blurred natural background

Vermont Vermouth makes a statement with mountain iconography to create their distintive and impressive label shape. Photo Credit: Little Pond Digital

Sarah's Sea Salt Aegean Salt label against green plants

The bright color and nautical theme of Sarah's Sea Salt from Costal Goods make these labels sophisticated and unique.

Gabrielle Rose Label on grey and white marble background

These Gabrielle Rosé labels use metallic elements, a knockout text effect, and a custom die cut to create a design is sure to capture the attention of customers.

Vermont Vermouth image courtesy of Little Pond Digital