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Dion Label Printing Celebrates with Vibrant Health During 25th Anniversary

Labels and packaging are the customer’s window to a brand. Dion Label Printing understood this to be especially true when we partnered with supplemental nutrition company Vibrant Health five years ago. Not only does Vibrant Health understand the importance of high quality labels for their line of expertly crafted products, but they also have a strong passion for nutrition.

Vibrant Health was founded back in 1992 by Mark Timon with the development of their flagship product Green Vibrance. Mark had what he described as “a passion for what nutrition could become” along with a desire to spread the word about his favorite product: Green Vibrance. He was, and still is, proud of the formulas used by Vibrant Health that are on the cutting edge of nutritional science. In 2002, current company owners Ted and Paige Parker joined the company and celebrated their official ownership ten years ago in 2007. Following the success of Green Vibrance, Vibrant Health continued to grow and expand leading to the celebration of their 25th anniversary in 2017.

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Plant-based supplemental nutrition products make up the collection offered today by Vibrant Health. Most products are packaged in a white supplement container and finished with a pressure sensitive, or sticky back, label. Sample packets of the product are also produced with a pouching material specially made for a supplemental powder product. Prior to working with Dion, Vibrant Health was experiencing a number of issues in regards to their labeling. Material issues that produced bubbling along with registration and color inconsistencies were some of the key problems that Dion Label Printing was able to assist with.

The partnership between Dion Label Printing and Vibrant Health quickly grew and flourished because of Dion’s quality control practices and daily communication on project timelines. Vibrant Health’s creative director Elisa K Jones commented that Dion took a lot of the quality control maintenance off their plate which resulted in a huge time savings. Having both a high quality label along with an exceptionally formulated product, has helped Vibrant Health be a strong competitor in a popular industry.

Dion is excited to continue our strong relationship with Vibrant Health as they reached a milestone for the brand. 2017 marked their company’s 25th anniversary in business. To celebrate, Vibrant Health launched a new booth and two new products at the 2017 Natural Products Expo East. Visitors were treated to samples of Matcha Tea and Chocolate Coconut Green Vibrance and voted for their favorite!

In conjunction with their 25th anniversary, Vibrant Health has moved to a larger facility, launched a new logo and a new website! The new logo consists of the Vibrant Health lettering in white surrounded by a black solid box. The new design is much more modern and will partner with their plans of having a more consistent look in branding and packaging. That modern look continues through the new website design which is colorful, informative and easy to navigate. Through their redesign, Vibrant Health continues towards their goal of becoming an international household brand at health food stores and larger retailers.

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