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Dion Label Printing Celebrates with Wormtown Brewery for Their 10th Anniversary

Wormtown Brewery Beer varieties lined up on wood barrel

Wormtown Brewery began in 2010 as a vision to create a mark on the craft brew industry right in Worcester, Massachusetts. Our team at Dion Label Printing first partnered with them two years later in 2012. At that point, the Wormtown crew was crafting their libations out of an ice cream shop. Now, according to Mass Brew Bros., Wormtown Brewery is the 7th largest brewery in Massachusetts, ranked by number of barrels produced—and they are celebrating their 10th anniversary on March 17th!

Wormtown’s Labels

With a vast brewing catalogue that ranges from seasonal beers to specialty limited edition features and several classics, there is a lot to love about Wormtown. Their creativity isn’t limited to craft brewing; they have a unique brand, and with many different brews they needed a label printer that could maintain color and brand consistency throughout their many offerings. In the ultra-crowded beer industry, having appealing labels is a key ingredient to success, and having a reliable label printer who puts quality and customer service first is essential. We’ve worked closely with Wormtown on over 50 labels so picking just a few to highlight in honor of their 10th anniversary is a tall order, but here are some amazing Wormtown Brewery labels.

Wormtown Brewery Taproom
The Wormtown Brewery Taproom is located at 72 Shrewsbury St #4, in Worcester, MA
The Classic

Over the last ten years, Wormtown has created a multitude of incredible brews. While they offer many seasonal and specialty libations, you can always count on their classic “Be Hoppy” IPA. Brewed from malt grown nearby in Hadley, MA, this brew is sure to leave you smiling; Wormtown knew this when they created the beer and translated that sense of happiness to both the name and the label.

Wormtown Brewery Bo Hoppy Bottle

Even before the age of emojis was in full swing, the yellow smiley face has been a ubiquitous feature of American culture. In fact, according to the Smithsonian, it was created over fifty years ago right in Worcester, MA by Harvey Ross Ball! The bright yellow smiley is a prominent feature of the “Be Hoppy” labels and is appropriate not only for the icon’s symbolism of light-hearted happiness, but also for Wormtown’s commitment to the local community. This brew has a variation of the classic smiley face and the Wormtown “W” logo in the brand’s bright yellow, which juxtaposes perfectly against the label’s black background. The smiley face has become a key feature of Wormtown’s brand with this cornerstone beer. Pair it with their “Don’t Worry” IPA and good luck trying to drink it without whistling that classic 80s tune by Bobby McFerrin!


Wormtown’s number one goal, of course, is to make incredible brews. A close second is being a stalwart member of their community. Their tagline is “A Piece of Mass in Every Glass,” and that’s more than just a catchy slogan. From sourcing as many ingredients locally as possible, to partnering with other businesses in the community (Table Talk Pies and even other central MA breweries like Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing and Trillium Brewing, to name a few), Wormtown takes its commitment to community involvement seriously.

Wormtown Worcester's Bravest

We have to say though, our most admired initiative of theirs toward community involvement is their “Worcester’s Bravest” brew. The beer was brewed this December in partnership with Wachusett and Greater Good breweries. This Belgian Wit beer is about so much more than great flavor. All proceeds from sales will go directly to the family of Worcester firefighter Lt. Jason Menard, who was tragically killed fighting a four-alarm blaze in November. This was their second edition of the beer; the first was released in 2019 with all proceeds benefiting the family of fallen firefighter Christopher Roy. While the loss of these brave men is devastating, Wormtown and their partner brewery’s initiative to assist the community and the families of those lost is more than commendable. Dion provides the labels for these brews at no cost, because we also believe in the importance of community involvement and helping those in need in any way we can.

10 Year Anniversary

With all the amazing beer and labels that have been created over the last ten years, how is Wormtown going to celebrate its decade in business? How about with an imperial stout with some sparkle? In honor of their 10-year anniversary, Wormtown is releasing a celebratory brew, and they knew the label had to be something special. The Dion team suggested using a Cast & Cure™ special sparkling coating to exemplify the spirit of celebration, and the “Decade Dance” label was born!

Wormtown Brewery's Decade Dance

There is so much to love about this label. The bright colors already pop against the black background, and the sparkle coating makes those colors look like they’re truly lit from an external source. The bold typography of the name and its swooping curve radiate a sense of movement, which is perfectly apt for the spirit of this celebratory libation. The label emanates a feeling of festivity and even a retro 70s-era disco vibe. Wormtown nailed it with this creation, liked so many of their others, and by partnering with the quality-driven Dion team, they were able to accomplish the special effect this occasion warranted.

We love working with creative and community-minded companies, and our relationship with Wormtown has blossomed over the last several years into a true partnership. As long as Wormtown keeps making amazing beer, Dion Label Printing will be here to help them with incredible labels. Cheers to Wormtown on their 10-year anniversary, and here’s to the next ten in partnership!

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