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Terra Origin Builds Emotional Connection to Customers Through Lifestyle Brand Packaging


When creating a new supplement brand, labels and packaging play a key role in conveying your identity to the market. Dion Label Printing specializes in working with wellness and supplement companies for both labels and flexible packaging which led us to partnering with Terra Origin.

Natural health company Terra Origin partnered with Dion Label Printing in 2017 to provide labels and flexible packaging for their newly developed line of supplement products. Terra Origin released a line of 22 products in September 2017 including vitamin capsules, skin boosts, superfoods and protein powders. To differentiate itself in the marketplace, Terra Origin wanted to be a completely approachable and transparent brand filled with high quality products that addressed key consumer needs. The Terra Origin customer is looking for a great tasting product that allows them to accomplish their health and beauty goals.

Terra_PlantProtein_Van_Front.jpgDion Label Printing partnered with Terra Origin on their labels and packaging during initial development stages and worked as a team to create the ideal solution. According to Terra Origin general manager Eric Fuller, “The vision for Terra Origin was to establish an emotional connection to the product which is challenging in an industry that is dominated by functional claims and generic packaging.” Design firm BigEyedWish created the brand identity and designs that developed the emotional connection Terra desired. To help bring the lifestyle brand to life, Dion worked closely with Terra to ensure the packaging was created at the same high quality level as the product. The brand products are packaged in either plastic containers, tubs, or sealed in a single use pouch perfect for travel. Eric continues in saying, "Our aspiration was that our packaging would be something our consumers would be proud to display, therefore Terra Origin products were designed and printed with the thinking that consumers may desire to keep the packages out on their counter tops rather than shuffled away in a cabinet."

After thorough material testing and review, label and pouching materials were selected. All of Terra Origins labels are printed on a silver metalized paper and finished with a matte lamination for optimal protection. The labels are printed on our HP Indigo WS6800 press using CMYK printing plus white. The labels are then finished with the matte lamination and die cut on our digital finishing press to give them the signature soft touch feel. Single serve pouches are also printed digitally using the same piece of equipment on a silver cosmetic web. Dion worked closely with Terra Origin to select the perfect material combination and level of white ink needed to produce the desired metallic and non-metallic areas. In regard to copy, Dion’s quality control team worked diligently to ensure all required ingredient and legal information was aligned and printed to perfection.

After launching their product collection at the Natural Products Expo East in fall 2017, Terra Origin has TO-7782.jpgreceived an overwhelmingly positive response on their product and packaging. Eric notes that the most rewarding part was that “consumers feel the packaging compliments the product perfectly and delivers on the approachable, welcoming brand personality.” In addition, they won an award for packaging design in the Graphic Design USA awards competition. Dion Label Printing is proud to work with Terra Origin on their packaging collection and excited that we were able to bring their vision to life through print. We look forward to the future and what is up next for Terra Origin.

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