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Editable, Hi Resolution

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  • The preferred option is to supply an original, collected Ai file & PDF file for each item.
  • If providing only a PDF, provide an fully editable, hi resolution PDF for best quality print outcome.
  • We recommend you also provide any original, live (unflattened) PSD files that may be embedded in your


  • If you are providing a NORMALIZED PDF, all the specifications, overprints and trapping must be perfect.
  • We may not be able to make necessary adjustments. 
  • If you cannot provide an Illustrator or high resolution PDF format: Dion will make every effort to convert supplied art into a working format. Unexpected shifts may occur so you should supply a print,
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  • If you need a die template for artwork creation, contact your Dion representative and we will provide one.
  • Each individual product label should have its own file. Please avoid ganging multiple items on the same file.
  • If you assign spot colors in your artwork:
  • Please let us know if it is okay to use CMYK only or if you require the best spot matches.
  • Please keep all effects and text live in color separation. Masking or text edits may be needed at Dion.
  • Place die line on its own layer titled: Dieline.
  • If your product calls for white ink, place white plate artwork on its own layer titled:“WHT”, “WHT-1”...
  • If your product needs a select varnish plate, place varnish artwork on its own layer.
  • If your product requires hot stamp/foil, place hot stamp/foil artwork on its own layer.
  • If your provide information on your file that should not print, place on a separate layer.
  • If your product requires variable data, place these elements on a separate layer.
  • If you cannot provide the layers described above, show us or provide a description or notes.
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  • Please provide original, layered (unflattened) PSD along with embedded or placed links. This gives us the ability to apply color corrections, separate vector art, or revise separations if necessary for improved print quality.
  • Remember to include the minimum .0625” bleed in the image size
  • Convert all RGB colors to CMYK
  • Resolution must be at least 300ppi
  • Please do not use Photoshop to generate small text elements. Instead, link the Photoshop file to a program better suited to text layout (i.e.: Illustrator, Quark, Indesign)
An image demonstrating bleed zones
  • Please show a clearly identifiable die line.
  • Artwork must provide a minimum .0625" bleed.
  • Safe zone margin (copy limit) must be at least .0625" in from die cut edge (die line). Any text, images, logos, etc.

       left inside this zone may be cut off during die cutting.

  • If applicable, the minimum border weight is .0625”inside the die line.
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  • Please request a template if you are creating your own artwork. Adhesive patterns and copy limit zones are different for these constructions and not proportionate.

  • Be certain to clarify panel positions, side sequence & peel orientation.

  • Finished copy position is required prior to creating die template and may not change after die is purchased

  • These constructions frequently result in multi-pass print production that can drive label production costs. The number of colors required should be discussed prior to design development and quoting.
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• Dion strives to make sure each customer is pleased with their finished labels. Please communicate your design goals
and color expectations to Dion your Dion representative and provide an artwork contact.
• Files are often provided to Dion with more or different colors than were quoted. Conversion choices maybe required.
• Please provide the name of the person that our prepress team should contact about color or files.
• Please identify all Pantone or brand spot colors that require an Lab or visual match to specification.
• If you are unsure about color, but have printed samples or swatches of colors you like, please send them!
• If you have brand color standards, please send approved physical standards and/or Lab targets.
• A PDF proof is sent for approval on each item for content, layout, trapping and color separation. No color decisions or
adjustments should be made based on viewing a pdf.
It is not comparable to printed color space. The appearance of the PDF proof on your screen is NOT color accurate.
• Any unprofiled or uncalibrated printouts you have are NOT color accurate to the actual file.
• If you have something in mind that may not be a measured, verified representation of your file,
we encourage you to communicate your desired outcome to Dion contact.
• If you have specific color requirements, a coated press proof is strongly recommended. If you do not purchase a press
proof, your labels may look great to us, but may not meet your precise color expectations. If you have any doubt or
apprehension about graphics or color, please contact your Dion representative.

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• Dion customizes brand specific workflows from order entry through shipping to ensure all of your requirements are met
or exceeded. Please send us your printer specifications and brand color expectations during beginning stages.
• We work closely with manufacturers and brands to keep costs down without sacrificing brand expectations.
• Preliminary reviews are strongly advised to avoid lost time for minor separation or design edits.
• Dion is certified by GMI monitoring with a 100% Print Supplier Score for both digital & flexographic print production.
• Our prepress and production color management systems are robust and driven by ESKO, xRite & pressSIGN.
• If you provide locked files or normalized PDF's, we need to discuss requirements & expectations prior to file submission.
• Dion print standards are available upon request.
• Dion die templates are available upon request.

Fonts & Links
  • Include (collect) all fonts used in your artwork and supply as a compressed or zipped file along with your artwork.

  • Text may be converted to outlines in lieu of supplying fonts, but Dion may not be able to make desired edits if


  • All linked artwork must be supplied as a separate file in its native, high resolution, editable, format.

  • All embedded artwork should be supplied as a separate file, in its native, high resolution, editable, format.

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