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September 10th, 2019

Amplify Your Product’s Impact with Flexible Packaging

Gold Spike Shrink Sleeve

As consumers today, we are faced with a sometimes overwhelming number of choices when we are looking to buy a product. Unable to test each product one-by-one and determine which ones we like, we rely on a method of selection that’s less objective: our aesthetic sense. Price considerations also play a role, as well as existing brand loyalty. If you want to give your product an edge over the competition, Dion Label Printing has a great solution: flexible packaging! Flexible packaging options, from sachets and pouches to single-serve options and shrink sleeves give your brand the opportunity to reach a wider client base by differentiating your product from the competition. Check out the various flexible packaging offerings Dion can customize for your brand!

Pouches and Single Serve Packets – Pouches offer a great opportunity to simplify things for your customers. Especially for supplement products, pouches, sachets, and the like can make it incredibly easy for your customers to make sure they are getting the appropriate amount of your product. Buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of consuming nutrients that are unavailable through diet alone. Providing them with single-serve pouch options for supplemental products can give them the added incentive they need to make the jump to your brand.

Similarly, sample or trial packets can provide your brand with the ability to reach the widest possible client base. While buyers may not be willing to shell out the entire cost for an new type of food, health and beauty, or supplement item, they are much more inclined to give your product a try if it comes in a convenient sample packet. If you are confident that your offering will wow people and you want to attract more customers to your brand, why not give them a chance to try a bit with a Dion-printed sample pouch?

Terra Origin Packets

Shrink Sleeves – To differentiate your product from others, shrink sleeves are a brilliant option. They provide a significant amount of extra space over a traditional prime label to enable you to showcase your product in the most appealing way possible. That extra space also allows you to communicate product information like ingredients, organic certification, or instructions for use. They also can provide built-in security for your product with tamper seal options, a simple way to reassure your customers of the legitimacy of your product without having to hassle with other secondary safety options such as inner seals.

Shrink sleeves also provide an excellent opportunity to take your design to the next level. With the extra real estate they provide, you are much less limited on space than on a prime label, allowing your creative side to flourish. If shrink sleeves are your labeling choice, you have nearly unlimited options for packaging shape and size as well. The use of unique containers with shrink sleeves is a powerful way to impact customers’ buying choices, as we discussed in depth here. With the wide variety of benefits shrink sleeves render to brands, they are a phenomenal option for all types of products across all industries.

Key Polymer

We at Dion are well-attuned to the unique needs of the brands we partner with and work to stay innovative in the solutions we provide. We’d love to work with you to make sure you are getting the highest-impact labeling option for your offerings! If you’d like to see some of our flexible packaging and many other incredible label creations, request a free sample packet!

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