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August 25th, 2020

Cannabis Couture: Luxury Labels and Packaging

Metallic Cannabis Leaf

From edibles to pre-rolls and even aperitifs, the expansion of available cannabis products continues to grow. Recreational cannabis use is now legal in 11 states plus Washington D.C., and much of the stigma associated with marijuana is dissipating with the legal barriers. The market has already experienced huge growth over the last several years, and the projections for its future gains are staggering; according to Grand View Research, “The global legal marijuana market is valued at USD 17.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand at a significant CAGR of 18.1% over the forecast period.”

As the market continues to expand in fiscal value, geographic availability, and through its product offerings, a distinct niche has arisen for luxury cannabis products. “The cannabis industry has grown so significantly in the past few years that luxury brands within the cannabis market are quickly paving the way for new ideas in consumption,” explained Hannah Meadows, an author at the online resource Leafly. “Just twenty years ago, many people thought legalization was out of the question due to negative stigma. However, that’s all changed, and cannabis is now a marketable product that has the potential to span numerous brands and industries." 

Guild Extracts Cannabis labels

Guild Extracts use metallic gold elements into both their labels and their outer packaging to emphasize the luxury of their product.


Consumers tend to use cannabis for its therapeutic benefits, for recreational reasons, or a mix of the two. While products being marketed specifically for medical use may stand to benefit from staid labeling and packaging choices, those that are intended for the general population of recreational users are likely to find that creative design choices are an effective method to help improve sales, establish a brand identity, and create brand loyalists.

By opting for luxe label and packaging, you are taking steps toward differentiating your product from the influx of others on the market. What’s more, According to Forbes, “design elements like embossed lettering rather than printed text, and stamped gold foil can communicate quality.” Why not take advantage of the nature of high-end labels and packaging and let potential customers know that your product is of the highest caliber before they even try it? 

Mother & Clone Jackie O

Mother & Clone encorporate sophistcated minimalistic design for their sublingual sprays.


For the wide variety of cannabis products, the sky is the limit when it comes to luxury labels and packaging. Many companies are opting for a minimalistic design, taking a page out of the personal care handbook. Minimalistic design an easy way to quickly communicate a sense of sophistication to potential customers and help establish your brand identity.

But for brands looking for bolder ways to communicate luxury, options like specialty material and effects may be the route to take. We offer a wide variety of specialty material options, from linen papers to black vellum. A texturized label gives your customers a level of experience with your product beyond the visual. Whether you opt for a texturized base material or a specialty finish like grit varnish or Cast and Cure™, adding a tactile element to your packaging design will definitely communicate the uniqueness of your brand.

Metallic elements in your label are another fantastic way to achieve a luxe look, and we have all the solutions to get your metallics perfect, from hot stamping to metallic films and inks. We can achieve an innumerable variety of metallic colors, from classic golds and silvers, to indigos, magentas, and just about any other color you can imagine by printing on metallic paper or foil. If you’re looking for a uniquely high-end finish, we can add hot stamped or cold foil elements in countless creative ways. Often our customers who choose to go with hot stamping or cold foil do so because they want to achieve metallic elements on clear or textured bases; this combination makes for a luxurious label that is certain to give you the added shelf-appeal you are looking for.

And of course, it’s essential to ensure you are following regulations for marijuana product packaging based on the location where these products will go to market. While from a creative standpoint, incorporating all the appropriate ingredient information and warnings may seem limiting, if you opt for an extended content label (ECL), we can give you extra space inside the label to keep much of the space on the front free for your creative energy.

Do you want to see some of these cannabis label solutions for yourself? Request a sample packet today!

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