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January 7th, 2020

The CBD Market is Growing, and So Are It’s Labeling Needs

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If you’re making a CBD product, you probably know that the market is expected to continue its amazing growth. In fact, according to Forbes, the CBD market could reach $20 billion by 2024. What’s more, the majority of CBD sales are expected to occur in retail stores rather than in specific cannabis dispensaries. While all the growth and big dollar figures sound great, ultimately you are going to need a great product with the right label to make it in this increasingly crowded field. Consider these four factors when you choose your label-printing partner:


1. Quality

With the flush of CBD products on the market following the 2018 Farm Bill, consumers already have a plethora of options when it comes to CBD. From health and beauty shops to grocery stores and gas stations, products containing CBD are available in just about every place people go to shop. The rapid influx of CBD’s availability and murky regulatory territory has created concern among buyers and retailers alike about the quality and efficacy of CBD products, making the labeling choices of CBD brands incredibly important. Many retailers of CBD merchandise are increasingly discerning of the way their products look on the shelf. Even if you go to extreme lengths to ensure that your CBD-infused balm or supplement is of the highest quality and subject your supply chain and products to intense scrutiny, if you don’t have a label that communicates that quality, you’re at an extreme disadvantage out of the gate. That’s why it’s necessary to partner with a label printer who can provide you with the quality label your product deserves.

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2. Regulatory Experience

Dion has been in business for over fifty years, and we’ve spent much of that time working with OTC pharmaceutical, supplement, and food and beverage brands. More recently, we’ve also partnered with many CBD brands, including those making supplements, potables, edibles, skincare, and beauty products. While guidelines for CBD product labeling from the FDA have not been entirely ironed-out and different states currently have different requirements, the last thing you want is for your CBD products to be pulled from the market because your label does not incorporate the appropriate information. Depending on your product, you may need a specific type of ingredient list or the appropriate warnings about health claims; the Dion team has the expertise to help guide you to include the right information on your label and avoid some potential regulatory challenges.

3. Safety

For any ingestible or topical product, safety is a major concern, both from a manufacturer’s prospective and from that of consumers. With CBD, safety concerns are even more acute given the regulatory uncertainty, relative newness of the product, and vast array of health benefits being thrown around. Dion offers many options to take the security of your product to the next level. Our extended content labels can give you the space you need to include appropriate ingredient lists and dosage or health warnings. While many label printers offer extended content labels, we’ve seen examples of these products on the market that did not have the proper deadeners and adhesives required to make them legible, and it was a miracle they hadn’t yet been pulled from the shelves. We also offer a variety of tamper resistant and tamper-evident packaging options, customized to your product and your needs. Learn more about them here!

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4. Transparency

In California and other states, there are already a number of laws in place requiring CBD products to practice transparency about the ingredients and processing of their products. And laws aside, as with many other products like supplements or functional beverages that purport health benefits, consumers are increasingly demanding more transparency. For CBD brands, being transparent is perhaps even more indispensable, as many consumers are new to CBD and are as yet unsure about its efficacy. And your label is an incredible tool to help you attain your transparency goals. Dion can print quality informative packaging graphics (think non-GMO, cruelty free, etc.) to help you communicate quickly and effectively with potential customers. Extended content labels can be a great way to be transparent about your processes and ingredients in a more in-depth way, as can QR codes that link to pertinent information about your brand. However you decide to transparently share, Dion has solutions to help you elevate your CBD brand to where you want to be.


CBD products are unique. They not only face competition from other CBD brands, but there is much cross-market competition. CBD supplements, health and beauty, and edible products are vying against traditional products from those industries. Partner with a label printer who knows the ins-and-outs of all these varying industries and who has the skills and expertise to help you set your CBD products apart. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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