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October 13th, 2020

The Importance of Color and Brand Consistency For Food Labels and Packaging

Today we’re going to focus on two aspects that are fundamental to the success of just about all food companies: color choices and brand consistency. While these are somewhat separate topics, when it comes to your labels and packaging, they are deeply interrelated. Once you’ve made your color choices based on your brand identity and the ideals you want to communicate to potential buyers, those colors must be implemented with consistency across various platforms (think social media, your website, etc.), and, of course, on your products themselves.

When you are looking for consistency in your print color, Dion Label Printing is your one stop shop. As a GMI certified printer, we take pride in our ability to color match, whether we print your labels digitally or traditionally, and whether you are ordering 2,000 or 200,000 labels.

Full Moon Ghee & Spiced Tumeric Ghee outside

Check out the vibrancy of the colors on the metallic material Full Moon Ghee uses for their delicious ghees!

Color Choices for Food Labels and Packaging

Color has a powerful influence on a buyer’s perception of a product and can play a huge role in how someone chooses to exercise his or her purchasing power. For food labels in particular, color selection is especially important. There are emotional and psychological responses that certain colors evoke for people. Reds and yellows inspire appetite while green relates to health and sustainability. There are mountains of research about the psychology of color in relation to marketing products, but the important thing is to pick the colors that are right for your company and then stick with them. (Check out this article from for more information on color psychology and a cool infographic that shows the logos and colors of big brands.)

Of course, simply choosing a color like red that is known to make people feel hungry is not going to create an automatic demand for your product. What’s really important is selecting colors that reflect your brand values so customers instantly associate your product with your value proposition. For example, if you’re an aspirational life-style brand that focuses on the well-being of your customers, perhaps you opt for a neutral color palette that reflects your carefully selected natural ingredients. Whatever route you take with regard to your color, it will pay to deeply consider who you are as a company and how to best communicate your brand identity. Once you’ve figured out what’s right for you, using colors effectively in your food label design is a simple way to attract more consumers.

Wozz! Finishing Vinegars lined up with colorful labels

Our partners Wozz! Kitchen Creations use a bold color pallete on their labels that is sure to catch the eye of customers. Despite the different colors, they maintain the same design features through their many products, making them instantly recognizable.

Brand Consistency for Food Labels and Packaging

Once you’ve nailed down the colors you are going to use in your label and packaging design (and hopefully across your digital platforms too!), maintaining consistency with those colors should be top of mind. Whether you are an established company or a startup, brand consistency is a crucial factor in converting customers and creating brand loyalists. Companies in the food industry need to be even more attuned to possible deviations from brand consistency with the high stakes that come along with so much market competition.

Our color matching process begins in our Prepress Department, goes through our Quality Assurance Team, and is continued in production as our techs use software, photo spectrometers, and their own well-trained eyes to make sure your brand colors print beautifully and on-brand. Once your labels have been printed, we give each of them yet another pass through our Quality Control department, where again both technology and the skills of our technicians are put to use to ensure every aspect of your label is just right.

We fully understand how important maintaining color and brand consistency is for you. We take pride in our process and in the diligence and skill of our team members, eliminating stress and effort for you and your brand. Not only do we make sure your colors are consistent with your expectations, we also ensure that those colors will be the same from one label run to another.

The food industry is packed with competition. To make sure that your products are having the greatest impact, partner with a brand who understands your industry and will work with you every step of the way to make sure we’re achieving your print goals! Request a free quote today to get started with us!

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