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August 13th, 2019

Dion Label Printing is GMI Certified

Pantone Colors

Are you looking for a GMI-Certified printer? Dion Label Printing is GMI-certified for both digital and flexographic printing. In fact, we’re the first printer in the nation to be GMI-certified for both methods. This certification helps measure color standards through the label printing process while at our facility. It also provides control on retail shelves to ensure uniformity. Some of the partner brands we are certified GMI printers for include CVS, Target, Walgreens, and Home Depot.

Working with a GMI certified label printer provides numerous benefits to large and small companies alike. Along with guaranteed color consistency, brands are assured of predictable packaging results that help maintain brand identity. When such a large percentage of consumer buying choices are made based on quick packaging judgements, especially color, it’s hard to overvalue the importance of printing your labels with a company that will get your colors right, every time.

Color Specialist Using a Spectrophotometer

In a recent survey we conducted of our customers, over 90% of respondents said that maintaining color standards is important or very important to them. Dion’s GMI certification is just one of many ways that we work to guarantee our customers that their colors will be printed with maximum vibrancy, consistency, and impeccable registration. And if your brand doesn’t have GMI color standards, we have a color specialist in our prepress department who will create color standards for you and manage every order you make with us to ensure those standards are met!

Dion has maintained the highest rating of blue in both the digital and flexographic categories since certification with GMI. A blue rating qualifies Dion as a fully certified high performance print packaging supplier. As one of the only blue-rated label printers in the country, Dion is confident we will be able to assist with all your printing needs. If you have additional questions on Dion’s GMI Certification or how we work tirelessly to get colors right on every label we print, contact a representative today!

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