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March 25th, 2020

Dion Label Printing to Remain Operational

A flexographic press running labels

During this time of upheaval, the Dion Label Printing team wants to assure you that we are here to provide our essential services while doing everything we can to keep our employees safe. We know the unprecedented nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has created a great deal of uncertainty for everyone in every type of business. We want to keep all of our partners informed about our operations during this time.

Dion Label Printing is Operational

The work we do at Dion is a vital part of the supply chain for companies across a variety of industries. We provide label solutions for companies in the OTC pharmaceutical, medical, health, food, and beverage industries. Consumers are, of course, concerned about the availability of these goods, and without labels, they can not make it to the market. Many of our customers have reached out with questions about whether we will remain open or not. Our answer is simple: we will continue to operate, as our contribution to essential industries is more important than ever at this time. In fact, we have increased our production levels as much as possible because demand for products in many of the industries we serve has increased significantly. We are doing everything we can to provide support to our partners and supply them with what they need.

Our Commitment to Employee Safety and Well-Being

While Dion Label Printing provides essential services and must remain operational, we are dedicated to keeping our team and the larger community healthy. For the last several weeks we have intensified our sanitation and hygiene protocols, limited non-essential office and customer visits, and implemented digital strategies wherever we can to bolster our efforts at social distancing. Dion understands the importance of transparency, especially during this time of uncertainty when the situation is rapidly evolving, and our safety team and upper management are communicating directly with all of our employees regularly.

Effect on Our Local Partners

While every business is facing unprecedented hardships, we know many of our local partners are struggling the most. Dion remains committed to doing what we can to help our local community during this time of adversity. We support the initiative of many local businesses to create online ordering, curbside pickup, and other creative solutions to maintain social distancing while still providing service. Many Massachusetts breweries are leading in this realm; discover how you can support them here. A number of Dion partners are participating in this initiative including BLDG 8, Brick & Feather, Bright Ideas, Bull Spit, Flying Dreams, Iron Duke, Vanished Valley, Wormtown, and many more!

As always, the Dion team is here to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, and please stay safe during this time!

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