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January 20th, 2020

Dion Quality: Perfection Through Process - Production

Team member working on 50+ point quality checklist

We talk a lot about how we produce quality print packaging, but have you ever wondered what steps actually go in to making such impeccable labels? Last week we discussed the measures our customer care and prepress teams take to ensure the perfection of your orders prior to production. We put just as much care and effort into making sure everything goes right with your labels while they’re on-press. Whether you have a large order that’s being printed flexographically or an order with multiple varietals that’s with our digital team, we go above and beyond every step of the way. Regardless of order size, material, color, or anything else, we have standard operating procedures enabling us to be fully confident in the quality of every roll of labels that leaves our facility.

Press Operator Checking an Order on our HP Digital Press

With over fifty years of experience, we have refined our quality control process to a science. We boast a combination of talented and detail-oriented press operators and the latest and best technologies to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and if there is ever an issue, it is caught and corrected. Our operators review each ticket, including material, colors, coating, die cut, web direction, and more before beginning a job. We have in-line comparators on our presses, so if registration becomes skewed or there are variations in color, our operators are alerted and make the proper adjustments. We also perform continuing color calibration during print. We offer a huge variety of label types, from simple four-color-process labels to complex extended content labels with multiple panels that require adhesive deadener applied just right, but regardless of label complexity, our press operators work diligently to check and re-check all aspects during print.

Our flexo press operator checking video monitoring for roll of printing labels

On top of our well-trained, experienced, and skilled group of digital and flexographic press operators, we have an entire team dedicated to maintaining quality: our Quality Assurance department. They check every single label order that we receive with a 50+ point approval sheet that travels with the ticket from the moment it is transferred to production until it leaves our facility. Their process begins with yet another proofreading of your label. They verify that everything on the ticket, from material to color to tooling, is aligned with what we are going to use on press. If you’re re-ordering an item we’ve printed before, they match everything to a physical sample from prior orders. Once our press operators have started running a job, a member of our QA team goes to the press and again checks all aspects of the label order, documenting everything on our approval sheet. A few of these checks include a tape test to verify that the coating is adhering properly, color checks using spectrophotometers and color standards, and barcode scanning, including a Microscan barcode verifier that not only makes sure your UPC will scan properly, but also has grading capabilities. They make sure the correct tools are being used for your order and that your labels are being die cut appropriately for your application.

We take pride in our quality, and we continually strive to perfect our process to make sure we are always giving you the best. As technologies advance, we endeavor to incorporate them into our operating procedures. We train all of our team members extensively and foster an environment where suggestions for improvement are welcome. Don’t forget to check in next week to learn about the quality control procedures that take place at Dion after your label is printed. We have an entire Quality Control department that reviews each label roll we print yet again!

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