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July 25th, 2019

Dion’s Digital Printing Capabilities

HP 8000 Press

How sleek is our HP 8000 Press?

Digital printing has taken the packaging world by storm over the last decade. Dion was early to recognize the opportunities digital printing would provide for our customers and acquired our first digital press in the early 2000s. With a fleet of several HP Indigo digital presses now, including our latest acquisition of the HP Indigo 8000, we are able to optimize all of our printing and bring our customers shorter lead times. The print method of choice for shorter runs or orders with a number of varietals, digital printing offers an abundance of benefits to us as a printer that we can happily pass on to our clients!


We at Dion understand the integral role color plays in the marketing and selling of a product, so whether we print your label on one of our flexographic presses or digitally, your color will always be on-brand. All of our digital presses run on the same substrate definition files, so colors always match regardless what material you choose or what press your label is printed on. We can create color profiles and match colors in a simple, precise process. Our HP digital presses allow us to meet strict brand color standards using up to 7 ink stations and a color gamut that reaches up to 97% of PANTONE® colors. Dion is also a GMI (Graphic Measures International) Certified printer for both flexographic and digital printing. This certification helps measure color standards through the label printing process, providing global packaging consistency.

HP Electroink

Our digital printing capabilities include up to seven stations of HP Electroink


With in-line priming units, the available substrate options for printing continues to grow for digital runs. We offer an extensive selection of substrates, from more traditional papers and films to a wide variety of metallic and textured materials. As digital printing capabilities continue to expand, we have worked to remain innovative in the digital sphere, acquiring new presses as they become available. And the advances have been amazing, enabling us to digitally print shrink sleeves and flexible packaging such as pouches. We continue to innovate and we expect our already large selection of materials to continue to expand!


The quality of digitally printed labels is something that has advanced dramatically over the last several years. New and expanding automation technology allows for perfect registration and excellent print quality for every digitally printed order. Color and material choices, as mentioned above, are outstanding. We can customize digitally printed labels to include variable data and images, bar codes, security features, or sequential numbering. And as always, every label order we receive goes through an extensive proofreading, prepress, quality control, and inspection process.

Kemp Running Press

One of our outstanded Digital Press Operators making sure every element of a label order is perfect

Other Digital Benefits

One of the greatest advances digital printing has brought to the label printing world is the shorter prep time. Because they don’t require plates, digitally printed labels can reduce time to market for our customers and allow them to develop packaging concepts by reviewing labeled prototypes with focus groups. They enable proofing on the exact material and coatings as the actual label order as well as the management of product changes and obsolescence in a cost effective manner. What’s more, digital printing doesn’t require plate or color charges, so it often saves our customers money as well as time.

Our team works tirelessly to remain innovative in the constantly changing world of print packaging and we continue to advance our digital technologies as they become available. Reach out to a label specialist today to discover the many ways that a Dion-printed label can help your brand achieve its goals. 

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