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February 14th, 2018

Enjoy a Limited Edition Beer with Your Special Someone This Valentine’s Day

Starr Hill Brewery Image
Photo Courtesy of Starr Hill Brewery

In lieu of chocolates and flowers this year, why not try a craft beer instead? Visiting a brewery and enjoying a limited edition holiday craft beer is the perfect way to spend this Valentine’s Day with someone special. Brews with fruity undertones, chocolate stouts, and pink and red romantic holiday packaging are what make Valentine’s Day-themed beers so special. You may also find the occasional anti-Valentine’s Day brew perfect for a light-hearted night with single friends.

Starr Hill Brewery, based in Crozet, Virginia, is one of the many breweries celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a limited edition beer. The Love wheat beer is a light-bodied beer with fruity aromas and a label designed with a Valentine’s Day color scheme. The gritty texture of the design and free hand typography give this label a loveable and endearing look.

Alewerks Brewing Company Image
Photo Courtesy of Alewerks Brewing Company

For anyone looking to celebrate with an anti-Valentine’s Day party, Alewerks Brewing Company, based in Williamsburg, Virginia, created a brew for you. Their Bitter Valentine Double IPA is part of their limited double IPA line released annually around Valentine’s Day. The gold and red label printed on shrink sleeve packaging is designed with an illustration of a melancholy Cupid. The brewery describes their beer as “full of intentions and optimistic expectations… balanced and smooth with notes of citrus and pine from Pacific Northwest hops”.

The holidays are a perfect time for your brewery to release limited edition labels for your beers. Contact us today for a quote!

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