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November 18th, 2019

Holiday Label Trends: Making the Most of Your Label with Metallics, Minimalism and More!

There are an untold number of ways that people celebrate the holidays, and a huge number of them involve purchasing. From buying delicious treats to share with family and friends to gift-giving in its many forms, the holidays are undeniably a time when people are looking for products that exemplify the spirit of the season. And incorporating candy canes and snowflakes in your label design is not the only way to attract holiday buyers (although if those icons align with your brand, they don’t hurt, as we’ll discuss below). If you don’t make a holiday-specific product, don’t worry; a simple way to take advantage of people’s holiday spending is to change your label, transforming your product instantly into a special seasonal gift.  At Dion we offer incredible options for bringing your packaging to the next level this season and all year round. Here are four label design trends that can help set your product apart.


Several different products with metallic labels

Metallic labels from Sail to Trail, Ozymandias Wines, Old Friend's Farm, and Olliv

1. Metallics

During the season when tinsel and bright lights abound, a metallic product label can give you an edge over the less sparkling competition. As metallic labels become increasingly popular for supplement, health and beauty, industrial labels, and beyond, metallic BOPP offers an incredible opportunity to incorporate metallic features in the exact way you desire. Instead of using metallic inks, a silver metallic BOPP base can be used to create a wide range of metallic colors from classic golds and silvers to just about any color on the spectrum. And with metallic BOPP, you’re not limited to just a few metallic color choices; we can create variegated metallic looks with many different colors on one label. We offer metallic paper as well. From papers and films to hot stamping or cold foil, we have metallic label options to fit every budget! So whether you want to go with red and green metallics or something more elegant, Dion can help you achieve the look you are going for.


Mount Mansfield Maple's Red Metallic Peppermint Bark Label

Mount Mansfield Maple's Peppermint Bark Labels

2. Creative Color Combinations

The classic Christmas colors of red and green are sure to evoke the spirit of the season in shoppers; however, those colors, while they certainly have their place on product packaging, may not be right for your brand, especially if you want to differentiate your product as high-end, elegant, or unique. Black and gold incorporated into your label design communicate a luxe feel that is still attuned to the holiday season, but perhaps in a more mature way than the brighter colors associated with this time of year. Over the last several years, blue and silver have increased in popularity for many festive items. Or how about going with a variation on the theme and using magenta and teal instead of classic red and green to give your product a modern and hip look? Using creative color combinations can help you avoid the obsolescence of your product when January rolls around. They can also play a huge part in helping your product stand out while still evoking the spirit of the season. We at Dion are the color experts, and whatever palette you choose, your Dion-printed label always have beautifully printed color. Read more about how seriously we take color standards here.


Ballast Skin Care Minimal Serum Products with holiday background

Ballast Skin's masion and santé labels

3.  Minimalism

Using products packaged in red and green with bells and whistles are definitely not for everyone. Some people feel a certain cynicism toward the use of holiday-specific packaging. A great way to appeal to those buyers and a larger group of consumers who are looking for products that are refined is with minimal label design. This trend is taking off by leaps and bounds across a wide variety of industries, not just for the holiday season but year-round. Shoppers are attracted to clean and simple design, and during the holidays when so much is bright and bold, minimalistic design is actually something that can make your product stand out.


Vermont Soap Holiday Label Roll with Christmas Illustration

Vermont Soap's Holiday Spice Labels

4. Unique Illustrations

Want to update your label design for the holidays but unsure about how far to go? How about using unique illustrations and graphics that are still on-brand? We love the idea of using hand-drawn holiday-inspired illustrations to give your product a festive and personal touch. This can be accomplished in such a wide variety of ways, from adding small graphics (stars, trees, ornaments, you name it!) to your label that otherwise is unchanged, or transferring your regular imagery for something seasonally-themed. Whatever route you go, a Dion printed label will have impeccable color and help you impact the widest customer base.

 Whatever design route is right for your brand, we at Dion are here to make sure you get the highest quality label to help you achieve the largest impact when your product is on the shelf in front of holiday shoppers. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you create the best label for your brand!


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