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September 15th, 2020

Meet the Team: Ashley Stewart


What does Ashley do at Dion? Her position here is Marketing Manager, but for Ashley it’s really all about team collaboration, maintaining our brand identity, staying up to date on market trends and research, and working intensively with our sales team to keep us all aligned. Ashley has been at Dion for 10 years, and she can attest that the marketing and sales efforts here have changed a lot over that time. As marketing in general has expanded toward more digital platforms and content, she has stayed abreast of trends and has enjoyed seeing the change and progress both inside and outside of Dion.

For Ashley there are many awesome facets of her job, from growing marketing efforts to seeing them pay off with our sales. But one of the best parts about Dion for her is: the labels, of course! She says that one of the things she loves most about working for Dion is: “seeing the product we engineer and print come to life on a product shelf. It’s an exciting moment when you stumble across one of our labels in the store and get to tell someone ‘we made this label!’”

When asked what she is most proud of in her career she said, “I am quite proud of the work we did during the rebranding period back in 2017. Marketing was a 2-person department at the time, and we did everything from redesigning marketing materials, updating the website, coordinating photography, and establishing our brand identity. I continue to have proud moments every year as our team grows and impresses me with new marketing efforts, innovative thoughts and ideas.”  Times may have changed, but Ashley has done an incredible job at keeping the marketing team up to date, and Dion is so lucky to have her!

When Ashley is not in the office or on the road to exhibit at a trade show, you can most likely find her with her family, playing video games with her husband, reading, or spending time with friends. She’s a spectacular mom (for both her baby boy and her pug!) and she enjoys swimming, cooking and hiking as well.

Check out these 5 fun facts about Ashley that we love:   

  1. She is a New England girl at heart. She grew up in Connecticut, went to college in New Hampshire, and now lives in Massachusetts. She would not give up our New England falls for anything.
  2. She’s a mega Harry Potter fan and has read the book series more times than she can count (the rest of the Dion Marketing Team is totally envious of her Deathly Hallows earrings!)
  3. She also really enjoys anything to do with the supernatural: zombie video games, books and movies about witches and vampires—she loves it all.
  4. Cape Cod is one of her favorite places on earth. She feels at home there.
  5. Family is incredibly important to her and she loves them more than anything. She’s a new mom to a 4 month old baby boy and a dog mom to her 6 year old pug mix Bailey. 

Ashley is a kind and intelligent woman who is always searching for new ways to improve and grow. Her personal philosophy is “be kind to everyone. Get to know people. Listen to what they have to say.” Working with Ashley every day, we can attest that she lives by her own sage words of advice.

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