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August 4th, 2020

Mindful Packaging: Messages on Beauty Labels

Recently, the beauty industry has been trending toward messages that promote positive self-image rather than traditional beauty standards. Inspirational marketing campaigns that focus on self-love and authenticity are increasingly common. Beauty brands have broadcasted empowering messages to women about traditional gender roles, double-standards, and healthy body image. For many brands, physical enhancements are no longer the end goal of their products; rather, health and well-being have taken center stage, not only for innovative start-up companies but also among large and long-time players in the industry like Dove.

Essential Oil Bottles with modern decor in background

While marketing efforts, from social media outreach to more traditional campaigns, play an important role in communicating your brand identity as a mindful health and beauty brand, product packaging is another creative outlet for you to get your message out and create the first link in the chain of customer loyalty. The value of a holistic and authentic outreach program cannot be understated, but using your label and packaging to instantly communicate your purpose with potential customers is the first step toward engagement.

Organic to Green coco oils lined up

Skincare brands like our partners Organic To Green utilize their labels and packaging to express messages of wellness and sustainability. The language they use on their labels includes descriptions like “nourishing,” “healing,” and “purifying.” They also include a number of informative graphics to quickly let customers know they are cruelty free and EWG verified. Their minimalistic design and packaging create a customer-friendly approach that focuses on how the product will provide benefits to the buyer that extend beyond superficial “beauty” enhancements. By using their labels and packaging to share messages that that promote self-care rather than physical beauty, they are able to establish a connection with customers that is deeper, more personal, and capable of creating brand loyalists.

Foxbrim Naturals products on marble with roses

Foxbrim Naturals is another of our partners in the skincare industry that uses simple design and mindful language to create awareness around promoting beauty and health naturally. Their labels are white with a simple sans serif font printed on a linen paper that adds texture and depth to the minimalistic design. Each product type has one word that takes center stage on the label to communicate the product’s benefit and, perhaps, the feeling that you can associate with using it: “radiate” and “pure” are two examples. 

Each label also includes the slogan “natural that actually works,” a quick reminder that the brand was founded as a way to undermine the myth that beauty products have to be synthetic to be effective. Combined with their organic certifications and mission to use ethically sourced ingredients, Foxbrim Naturals is an excellent example of a brand who has embraced positive messaging and purpose-driven beauty and skincare to great advantage.

According to Kantar’s Purpose 2020 study, brands that consumers think have a positive social impact grow at double the rate of other brands. Many in the beauty industry have recognized this trend and are shifting their focus from external beauty to integrated wellness, creating brands that truly stand for something. Conscious consumers and the demand for products that go beyond traditional beauty norms are driving this force, and by using positive messaging on product labels and packaging, you can create an experience for customers that supports your other initiatives to meet customers where they are.

Dion Label Printing provides an assortment of beauty label solutions to support your brand identity and purpose and help you create a lasting impression! Request a free quote to get started now!

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