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September 3rd, 2019

Peel Back and Hinge: What’s the Difference and Which is Right for My Brand?

Hinge Label

Hinge labels provide two additional panels of printing space

If you’ve ever designed a label, you know that incorporating all the information necessary in the limited space available can be a challenge. Extended content labels offer a neat solution to allow you to save space on the front of your label for design features that will help attract potential buyers while including pertinent and relevant information on interior panels. But the term “extended content labels” applies to several different label constructions. The Dion team is expert at printing both peel back and hinge labels.

In the OTC pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, industrial, and cannabis markets there is a high demand for extended content labels. In these industries, and others as well, the requirements (whether per actual federal regulations or from consumers) for what needs to be included on your label is extensive. Extended content labels provide the additional required printing space without adding bulky outer packaging. Some of the typical reasons for requiring more space is for additional directions, directions in multiple languages, extended drug or supplement facts or additional FDA regulated information. But which type of label is best for your brand? Let’s take a deeper dive into the construction and features of both types of labels.

Peel Back Label

A peel back label has double the print space of a prime label

Peel back labels, or labels with double-sided printing, are a common and cost-effective way to add additional content to a label. Peel back labels have information printed on both sides of the label with a repositionable adhesive. The consumer can peel the label away from the container, and then re-apply it once they have read the additional content. Once re-applied, the label will appear as if it was never disturbed. A film material is recommended for a peel back label; Dion offers both white and metallic films, so style doesn’t have to suffer when you opt for a peel back label. One of the main benefits of using this type of label is that it is a single layer construction so it does not add much additional cost to your existing price.   

Hinge labels, or multi-layer printed labels, utilize a hinged design to offer an additional two panels of printing space. The top label layer peels open to reveal two additional printed panels, one panel more than is available with peel back labels. The top layer can then be re-applied onto the bottom panel as if it was never disturbed. A film material is also recommended for the top layer of a hinge label, and again we can print on white or metallic film. Hinge labels have two additional panels for printed information, so if you have a lot of information to include or want to experiment with including coupons or extensive product details, they are probably the option for you.

When deciding between these two types of labels, space is the key. If you can fit all of your content onto two surfaces, then peel back might be the economical way to go. Content exceeding two panels would warrant a hinge label. Dion also offers both digital and flexographic printing options for peel back labels. While the inner contents must be run on our flexographic equipment for hinge labels, we can utilize digital printing for high quality front printing to save on additional plate charges.

Want to talk more about your specific extended content project? Contact a representative today and we can get you started with a free label quote!

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