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December 10th, 2018

Trending Now: High Decoration—Specialty Material, Embossing & More

Last week we focused on one particular trend in high decoration, metallics, because they are so popular and versatile. In this installment on hot trends in high decoration, we will discuss multiple other options available to give your product the elegance and shelf appeal you are looking for to differentiate your brand. At Dion we have the capabilities and skills to print on a vast array of materials, so if you are considering parting ways with your traditional paper label, we are here to guide you to the right choice.

When you want a high-end look for your product, one of the best ways to achieve it is to opt for a specialty base material for your label. While linen and estate papers have long been popular among wine brands, they are gaining traction in other industries. The textured look and feel add an element of sophistication to any product. According to Packaging Gateway, “labels with a ‘fashion textile’ appeal” are gaining popular across a wide variety of industries. We offer many linen/estate options for labels here at Dion, but our range of textile materials doesn’t stop there. If your goal is to create a high-end look for your product, black vellum is a fantastic way to go. This thick material gives you a luxe look unlike any other. If none of this sounds unique enough to suit your brand, we offer wood grain material! This material is actually made of wood and comes in different finishes like birch and cherry.

Wood Grain - Wormwood

Base materials are not the only path to achieve the high decoration label you are striving for. At Dion we offer a number of specialty finishes to help you dazzle your customers. Rather than selecting a gloss or matte finish, you can choose both: Selective gloss varnish is an excellent way to make certain design or textual elements of your label pop. While texturized base materials are gaining in popularity, why not create a texturized label through your finish? An incredible option is a grit varnish. This finishing coat actually creates a three dimensional textured effect that goes beyond what even the most textured papers can do.

Some other options for high decoration effects are embossing, back printing, and Cast and Cure™. Embossing creates a design that stands out in relief from the rest of the surface (see below image). It’s a classic way to create a three dimensional look to make your brand the focal point of your label. Back printing enables you to add design elements that can be viewed through your clear packaging. It’s a great way to showcase additional brand artwork and create a more in-depth consumer experience. Cast and Cure™ is created by the use of specialty film and UV coatings, resulting in an amazing holographic appearance. There are many patterns available, from dots to stars. The design possibilities are endless, from a sparkling border around your artwork, to taking your logo to the next level, to a simple band of shine. The film can be applied all over the label for high visual impact or in smaller, more select areas as an accent to existing artwork.

If you are ready to differentiate you brand through one of the high decoration techniques discussed here, or if you have questions about what game-changing printing options we offer at Dion, please contact us. If you’d like to see some of our work in high decoration labels, request a free sample packet. And if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to read last week’s blog on metallics!

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