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September 1st, 2020

Using Labels to Expand Your Brand Presence

When you think of labels for product, you likely think of what we in the industry call “prime labels.” Prime labels are those that are prominently placed on the front of a product’s packaging and share information like your brand name, logo, and product details. You’re more than likely aware of the impact your prime label will have on a potential customer; a quality label helps impart information about the quality of the product, design choices including color and style play a crucial role in a consumer’s buying decisions and their impression of your brand, and key details like ingredient lists and informative graphics can tell a customer much of what they need to know about you as a company.

Blue shopping bag on grey background

But in addition to the classic prime label, we offer several other label options that can help you expand your brand presence and keep customers thinking of you before and after they use your product. Including these auxiliary items with product purchases can be a spectacular way to establish a bond with your customers and create brand loyalists!

Car Decals:

With the correct material combination, your traditional labels can also be used as car decals. Car decals will expand your brand presence by putting your logo in front of an audience that might not normally see it. How many times have you been sitting in traffic, inching a little closer, so you can read the decals on the car in front of you? Including a car decal with an online purchase is a great way to both connect more deeply with your customer and reach a wider audience. People love freebies, and they also like to show their support of brands they trust and think highly of.

Window Decals:

As with car decals, with the correct material combination, we can create window decals to complement your product labels. Perhaps you want to emphasize certain aspects of your brand values, like that you offer certified organic products or that your support local ingredient suppliers. We can print custom window decals to help you communicate whatever you think is important to your customers before they set foot in the store. Having a collection of decals near or on the entrance to your facility that are straightforward can help your customers understand who you are and what you represent easily, taking them further along the path to becoming a customer and a loyalist.

Berkshire Mountain Distillers Decals
IRC Labels:

IRC stands for Instant Redeemable Coupon. There’s nothing like financial incentive to give a consumer that added nudge toward your product, and IRC labels enable you to provide that extra encouragement. The experts at Dion will work with you to create the IRC label that is right for you and your brand. Once a customer makes that first purchase, they are more likely to recognize your brand and make future purchases, so why not get them motivated with a little something extra?

Packaging Labels:

When a consumer purchases your product, how is it packaged? An additional label may be the answer to completing your packaging look. If you are looking for a more upscale look, use tissue paper to wrap your product and complete with a branded label. A branded label could also be used to adhere a receipt to the product or shopping bag. Is your product shipped? Make your shipping boxes more recognizable with a label featuring your logo!

Superior quality custom label solutions are the bread and butter of Dion Label Printing. We offer more than traditional prime labels and are ready to help you find the complete solutions you need. Request a sample packet today to get a little inspiration!

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