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December 17th, 2019

Why Your Supplement Label Printer Matters

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The supplement industry is ultra-competitive, and to be successful you need more than just a product that contains high-quality ingredients. Having a label that communicates the right information in the right way, is esthetically appealing, and differentiates you from other brands is not just desirable, it’s the cost of entry if you want to make it in this crowded field. And to achieve a label that meets all of those requirements, you need a printer who has decades of experience working with supplement companies. Dion can guarantee you a label of superior quality and save you the time, money, and frustration that can come from working with a company with less prowess. We are the label printer of choice for supplement brands of all sizes. Find the reasons why below!

Know How

Imagine you’ve created the perfect supplement; you have worked so hard to get everything aligned, from formulation to packaging to distribution and all the logistics that go along with each step toward getting your product into a customer’s hand. But, it turns out, your label designer missed a tiny FDA stipulation that requires a minimum font size in your supplement facts panel, and your label printer didn’t have the experience or knowledge to catch it. Now your product is not FDA compliant and you lose the time and money it’s going to cost to fix the error.

Dion Label Printing follows FDA packaging guidelines and works with manufacturers to ensure that every label follows a specialized printing, inspection, and finishing procedure. We have documented and advanced control procedures, so we stand by the quality of every label that leaves our facility. We’ve been in the label printing business for over 50 years, and there’s a reason why supplement brands keep coming back to us. If you want to avoid costly errors, don’t make the mistake of thinking any label printer can get your labels right. Trust the experts at Dion.  

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Color Expertise

We pride ourselves on our color matching abilities. We are a GMI Certified Platinum printer.  This certification helps measure color standards through the label printing process while at the facility and also provides control on retail shelves to ensure uniformity. GMI provides large brand names like Target and Walgreens with global packaging consistency.

Regardless of whether our partners require GMI standards or not, we go above and beyond to make sure every label we print has extraordinary color. Our prepress department has color specialists who ensure that all of your labels will have the same colors from run to run, regardless of print method. And don’t underestimate the importance of color in purchasing choices. People not only make a huge portion of their purchases based on snap in-store decisions, especially influenced by color, but people also associate brands extremely strongly with just their colors (see if you can recognize brands just by their colors here).


If the most important thing to you is wowing potential customers when they see your product on the shelf, we have many upscale and high decoration options like metallic materials and selective gloss varnishes to help you achieve exactly the look you want. If you’re more of an environmentally-conscious company, we offer a variety of more eco-friendly materials, including FSC certified papers and post-consumer waste options. Or we can print extended content labels for those brands who need extra space for ingredient or dosage information.

We work with supplement brands who make products all across the spectrum, from post-workout protein to pre-natal vitamins, so we know that the needs of our partners are different. That is why we provide two dedicated representatives to each of our clients. With Dion you will always have the support and guidance to help you choose the right label for your brand and product.

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Internet sellers have played a huge role in the continuing growth of the supplement industry, but there is one main concern that comes with the influx of third-party sellers: counterfeit products. Inventory control and supply chain management are essential to ensuring both the safety and legitimacy of your products. Dion can print numbers or other variable data, including barcodes, right on your label to help you manage and track your product throughout the supply chain and prevent against fraudulent products entering the market. Microtext, black light elements, and Cast and Cure™ are some of our other offerings that enable supplement companies to maintain the authenticity of their products. Read more about our security options here.

Regardless of whether you’re a start-up or an established and trusted brand, to be successful in an industry as varied and competitive as the supplement market, you need every one of your labels to meet your brand goals, your customers’ expectations, and FDA regulations. Using just any printer won’t cut it for supplement brands. Partner with Dion Label Printing and we will make sure your labels have unmatched quality and that the process is simple and pain free.

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