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Hinged Labels

Hinged labels are Extended content labels that use a hinged design to increase the amount of printable space available for information, while the amount of surface space the label takes up on the container remains the same.

The top layer peels open to reveal two additional printable panels. Additionally, hinged labels use a read and re-apply label construction that allows the interior of the label to be viewed, then resealed. These labels are ideal for extended drug facts, additional languages, directions, the supplement industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the food & beverage industry, and international retail for multiple translations.

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Hinged Label Solutions

Instant Redeemable Coupon image
Ideal for instructions, disclaimers, coupons, recipes, multiple languages and more
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Read & Re-Apply Label Construction
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Guaranteed Barcode Scanability
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GMI Certified Printer for both Digital & Flexographic Printing
More Solutions
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Consecutive Numbering & Variable Data
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Vast array of in-house tooling options for custom cuts and special shapes.
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Validated Inspection & Certified Label Counts