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Ski & Recreation

Dion Label Printing has over 45 years of experience in the ski and recreation industry.

Our mission is to provide you with an attractive, high-quality ticket that is both functional and memorable to your visitors. Dion offers tickets in a large array of styles, sizes, and colors, and we stand behind every ticket printed. In addition, we work diligently to guarantee on-time deliveries for each and every ski season. With presses that offer up to 9 colors, including UV and outstanding 4-color process printing, no ticket is beyond our capability.

We work with each client individually to ensure their custom ticket specifications are met, from the art to finishing process. Our quality control procedures guarantee a high level of satisfaction for each and every tag or ticket printed. In addition, Dion Label Printing also offers your choice of rolls (with optional perforation), sheets, and fan folding.
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Industries Dion Label prints for include the following: ski lift and resorts, cross country ski, tubing, ice rinks, national parks, amusement centers, theaters, museums and galleries, casinos, libraries, film festivals, sports teams, major and minor league, college and professional, tournaments, hospitals, special exhibits, concerts, cruise lines, parking garages, family attractions, monuments, arenas, aquariums, cinemas, schools, and zoos!

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Ski & Recreation Solutions

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Direct thermal film tag (tear and water resistant)
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Direct thermal paper tag
direct thermal pressure sensitive tag icon
Pressure sensitive direct thermal film & Paper
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Pressure sensitive printable plastic
More Solutions
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Fluorescent paper
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Colored & white litho paper
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Standard 8-10 pt. tag
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High decoration effects
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Clear Fraud Seals
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Tamper Cuts
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Black light features
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Sequential numbering
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Certified ticket counts
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Referral program for wickets and zip ties
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In-house custom dies for various ticket, sizes, and styles.