Acceptable File Formats
Adobe Illustrator Icon
Adobe Illustrator (Preferred)

Adobe InDesign Icon
Adobe InDesign


Adobe Acrobat Icon
Adobe Acrobat 10 Pro

Editable, Hi Resolution

Adobe Photoshop Icon
Adobe Photoshop


QuarkXpress Icon

9.1 or earlier

Photoshop Icon
Artwork created using photoshop
  • Please provide original, layered (unflattened) PSD along with embedded or placed links. This gives us the ability to apply color corrections, separate vector art, or revise separations if necessary for improved print quality.
  • Remember to include the minimum .0625” bleed in the image size
  • Convert all RGB colors to CMYK
  • Resolution must be at least 300ppi
  • Please do not use Photoshop to generate small text elements. Instead, link the Photoshop file to a program better suited to text layout (i.e.: Illustrator, Quark, Indesign)
An image demonstrating bleed zones
  • Please show a clearly identifiable die line
  • Artwork must provide a minimum .0625” bleed
  • Minimum border weight: .0625”
  • Minimum safe zone margin: at least .0625” in from die cut edge
  • All text, images, logos, ect. must be kept at least .0625" inside the edge of the label die line, also known as a safe zone. Anything left close to edge may be cut off during die cutting.
Links & Fonts

All linked, placed or embedded artwork must be supplied as a separate file in its native format. This is required for prepress purposes. Include all fonts used in your document. If text must be converted to outlines, keep in mind that it is no longer editable.

Getting Artwork to Us

Acceptable file medias include: E-mail, CD ROM/DVD, & FTP Site

Artwork by Email
  • E-mails should be directed to your Account Representative so they may document receipt and direct it to the Art Department for review.
  • It is helpful to stuff or zip files first as to compress the size of the E-mail and prevent any corruption that occurs when transferring artwork electronically.
Artwork using our FTP site
  • Please email your Account Representative or for our FTP site information.
  • Save all files inside one folder. Folder sent must be saved first by company name, then by product information.
  • It is helpful to stuff or zip files first as to compress the size of the E-mail and prevent any corruption that occurs when transferring artwork electronically.
Additional Artwork Information
  • File name and creation date should appear on all files if possible.
  • When possible, please supply a hard copy. This is to assure that text does not reflow and that the artwork supplied is complete.
  • All incoming art files will go through Dion’s preflight process to ensure that your job will proceed quickly and smoothly with no unexpected “surprises”.
  • Digital printing utilizes process color separation plus Indichrome® colors, including white. Some Pantone® colors convert to process better than others (refer to the Pantone® Spot to Process Color Guide). Also, metallic inks are not yet available for digital printing, but may be achieved using foil substrates and alternative ink combinations.
  • Specifying the PANTONE or process colors in your document is helpful in ensuring you get exactly what you want.
  • Please keep the original and send us a copy of your artwork in case of corruption.
  • If these guidelines are unclear to you, please provide us with the contact information for your graphic artist or agency.
  • It is best to provide this information to your service provider or designer prior to initiation of design.
  • If your artwork is not compliant with the above guidelines, additional charges may be required.