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Why should I choose Dion Label printing for my printing needs?

Dion Label Printing, Inc is an award winning digital and flexographic label printer. Dion prints labels, tags, tickets, shrink sleeves and specialty applications for multiple industries. Dion has two HP Indigo WS6000 presses, 8 flexographic presses, sustainable practices and print options. Finishing options include hot stamping, cold foil, embossing, and specialty coatings. Dion Label Printing works with clients to fully grasp the market appeal you want. We then use our experience and printing excellence to bring your vision to life through print packaging! At Dion, we take the time to explain all alternatives in order to achieve the best printing solution for your needs. Client satisfaction is our fuel and motivation to perform our best!

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What is digital printing?

In 2005, Dion invested in digital printing technology. Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital based image directly to a digital printing press. This printing process prints all the ink at one time using a 4 to 7 color process printing. Digital printing requires less time for setup but is slightly slower than most flexographic printing presses. For this reason, digital printing is perfect for smaller orders, such as 1,000 - 20,000 labels. In 2010, Dion label Printing sold its older HP indigo digital presses for two newer HP Indigo models and has since upgraded to two HP Indigo WS6800 presses. These two presses are bridging the gap between the two printing processes since it is much faster and printing is much easier. For more information, please visit our digital printing page.

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What is Flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing presses utilize rollers or cylinders and rubber-like printing plates and ink stations. Printing can include one to multiple color options using four color process printing and spot colors. Flexographic printing presses take a longer time to setup, but printing times are faster. Flexographic presses are a better option for large orders, such as 200,000 to millions of labels. For more information, please visit our flexographic printing page. 

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What kind of products do you offer?

Aside from being your source for labels, shrink sleeves, tags, tickets, and specialty applications we also sell a variety of ribbons, applicators, and printers. Please review our product pages for a more detailed list of products we offer. Thermal transfer ribbons can be a tricky business. Our experts can help you match your labeling requirements, ribbon specifications and printer capabilities to ensure your ribbon is right for you! We offer an assortment of ribbons so printing can endure weather and environmental conditions. We have several models of printers ranging from thermal transfer to direct thermal printing in hand-held to table top sizes. We can provide the right printer for your company without “breaking the bank!”. Our printers help you customize your business with built-in systems for product identification and bar coding. Visit our printers page for more information. Applicators, when implemented correctly, are a time and cost saver. We know what you need and the correct specifications required. Not only will you receive the right applicator for your needs, but our experts will set it up for you and show you how to use it. Visit our applicators page for more information. To make your business operations run more smoothly, we offer two software programs for your printer or applicator. Visit our software & accessories page to review your options, or download a free version! Call to speak to our experts today and we’ll determine the appropriate ribbon, software, printer, or applicator for you! 800.583.6366

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Do I need to provide my own artwork?

If you have an idea of how you would like your label to look or are in need of ideas, our experienced graphic designers will assist you every step of the way in creating an attractive label. If your artwork is already designed, our art department accepts almost any form of artwork. Please view our artwork guidelines page for additional information.

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What is the limit to the products I can order?

There is neither a minimum nor limit to the amount of products you may order. If you wish to have just 500 labels produced or millions, we are capable of satisfying your needs.

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How are my labels finished?

You authorize the type of finishing you prefer. You may choose from 8 different rewind directions if you want your labels provided in rolls. We can also individually shrink-wrap, bag, or box a predetermined amount of printed roll labels or sheets per package. Our staff is more than happy to fan-fold labels or tickets to make usage easier for you. Other finishing requests may be considered.

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How many colors can you print?

We are capable of printing up to 8 colors. Our customer service department will help you determine how many colors are necessary for your order.

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How do you conduct quality control?

At Dion Label Printing we take the time to ask detailed questions and test material to ensure our customers receive the best printing solution. Our ordering process and production operations are designed with customer specific quality controls to confirm all details are fulfilled. Premium quality printing and ultimate customer satisfaction are our main goals here at Dion Label Printing, just ask any one of our customers!

  • Every customer has their own team of two account representatives. This method provides for all steps in the ordering and the production process to be reviewed twice, ensuring quality. Both account representatives know your account inside and out allowing you to get a detailed response at all times. You always have a second source for up-to-date information.
  • A technical coordinator works with all sales representatives and account representatives to test material and product environment to confirm each packaging solution is successful. The technical coordinator is also responsible for seeking alternative materials in the event that our supplier decides to obsolete a certain material.
  • All prepress and design capabilities are in-house, encouraging a direct line of communication between the customer and our graphic artists. This ensures security of the customer’s artwork and allows for expedited processes. Dion Label Printing also has a detailed file management and archiving system.
  • We sell and service a variety of labeling equipment and thermal transfer printing products. For this reason we understand how to create a label that can be easily applied to different products of varying shapes and sizes. We have often worked with contract packagers to provide the ultimate product for our customers. Our easy-to-understand labeling solutions and continued relationships with contract packagers have allowed us to be a top choice for referral to new customers.
  • A quality control coordinator ensures each customer specification is met throughout the entire label project.
  • Dynamic real-time quality control alerts are utilized for customer support and product specific special instructions. From the initial ordering process through production and shipping these alerts are coded for each individual department to ensure individual customer specifications are met. For example, if a customer requires that red tape be used for all production and inspection splices, this alert will show in the appropriate departments when a customer’s order is scanned during production control.
  • We have two proofreading processes. Our human proofreader reviews all of the label’s copy as well as the details of the order itself. Our electronic proofreader uses an exact match comparator. This equipment will highlight any missing text, font, graphic, etc… even missing content smaller than a period!
  • Video monitoring of printed web on press, finishing equipment and inspection equipment to ensure the highest quality during each phase of the production process.
  • Each label roll is marked with its own batch number for detailed tracking after the sale. This also enables proper rotating and count of inventory.
  • Exact match proof options including laminate or varnish for proof accuracy are available.
  • All finished rolls are reviewed twice by inspection and finishing personnel and bagged or shrink wrapped for protection before shipping.