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January 14th, 2020

Dion Quality: Perfection Through Process - Pre-Production

 At Dion, the companies we do business with are our partners. Our mission is to provide superior printed label solutions and unparalleled service to every one of our partners, and we consider those two goals inextricably linked. That’s why our quality process begins long before your labels ever make it to press. Several members of our team work with each individual customer so your needs are always met. Every label order we receive goes through a vast number of quality checks in our customer service department, and then many more checks once the design files are in the hands of our outstanding prepress department. Our team works closely with you every step of the way, so whether you are a big brand with decades of experience ordering labels or a startup who’s purchasing product labels for the first time, Dion will make sure everything is aligned so your final labels are pristine.

Artist using spectrophotometer to inspect colors
Internal Material Handling & Testing

The process that enables us to provide impeccable service and unparalleled quality begins before you ever place a label order with us. We store all our materials in an environmentally controlled facility to ensure the integrity of our stock. All raw materials that enter our facilities are quarantined and inspected, and our team is diligent about inventory control. We track all rolls and lots that we receive and have barcoding for our different stocks for internal tracking. When your labels make it to you, we know exactly where they came from if an issue were ever to arise.

What’s more, we carry out many different kinds of stock testing. We test for a huge number of variables. Is your label going to be machine-applied? Will it be exposed to changes in temperature? We work hard to make sure that no matter what your label might face, our team of label specialists can recommend the right material and print combination for you.

Our Customer Care Team

While advances in technology over the last 50+ years have brought about many changes to the way Dion conducts business, our core emphasis on providing impeccable service has remained. That’s why our team works directly with every one of our partners to help guide them to the perfect label. We do not use a call center, so you can be sure when you call us, you’ll be speaking to a real person right in our Westfield, Massachusetts office. Each of our representatives is trained extensively and ready to be of service.

Two members of our team working at their desks

Once you’ve placed an order with us, it is thoroughly reviewed by your customer care representative. They compare the artwork provided to the formal quote to ensure all the specifications (size, copy position, number of colors, number of items) match. They also confirm the new order details like pricing and finishing specifications match the formal quote. Finally, they review the final application specifications provided on the new order form to ensure they are compatible with the formal quote (i.e. Does the material quoted work on the product container? Does the roll size make sense for hand application?).

Our team checks to make sure every detail is correct, from the material to the coating to the die size and much more. They are extremely detail-oriented and they are ready to work closely with you whenever they see something that may be of concern. When your order is entered and reviewed, however, the pre-production quality checks are really only just beginning. Your order is then preflighted, where we confirm the digital files required for printing are all present, valid, correctly formatted, and of the proper type. It then travels to our prepress department, where even more checks occur.

Our Prepress Team

Prepress is the term in the print world that describes our art department. This team plays an integral role in making sure all aspects of your label design are set up exactly right so that the label you envisioned is the label you receive. One of our artists will create a proof from your artwork which is then sent to our proofreaders. Our proofreaders’ jobs are to make sure that the proof can be read both by our production team and by you, the customer. They check every aspect of the proof, verifying that the information on the ticket, such as substrate material, copy position, label size to die size, all match the proof.

An artist using a spectrophotometer to inspect colors

Our proofreaders also do a manual copy and graphics check. After over 50 years in business, our team is trained to spot things that just feel “off” but are not technically mistakes as well. Whenever our proofreaders find something that may be an issue, they send it to you for approval and a new proof is created. Communication is integral at this stage, and our art department works closely with customer care to ensure that you have all the information you need.

The Dion prepress team creates color standards for each label we print, so when you re-order with us, you don’t have to worry about whether your new labels will match the old. For customers that have color-critical jobs, we are a GMI certified platinum printer, so we can meet the most extreme color matching standard. We also incorporate software that compares customer-supplied artwork with Dion-created proofs to make sure everything is aligned, and we have barcode verification to ensure your products will scan correctly once they’re on the shelf. Once you give approval on the proof, we even give it one more proofread ourselves before sending it off to press!

When we say we are committed to creating superior quality print packaging, we really mean it. That’s why we have so many checks in our process before your label ever makes it to press. Of course, these pre-production checks are only the beginning of our quality process. Check back next week to see how we maintain superb quality during production!

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