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Household Product Labels

The household product industry is among one of the most competitive with new brands emerging each day. To make your brand shine amongst the competition, a top-quality, high-performing product label is a must-have.

Many household cleaning products, such a degreasers and sprays, will come in contact with the product label throughout usage. Dion Label Printing guarantees durable label materials that will hold up to handling, abrasion and chemical residue.

We can offer the best material and laminated coating that will ensure your label looks the same from retail shelf, to THE customer'S home, to THE recycling bin. Material testing samples are always available UPon request.
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If you are in need of more space to fit extensive directions or warning labels, Dion has extended content labels ideal for household product labels. Looking to add a special coupon to your household product? Consider adding a bottle hang tag to feature a special coupon or promotion!

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Household Product Label Solutions

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*Specialty Stocks
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Durable to handling, abrasion, and chemical residue
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Guaranteed Barcode Scanability
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Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC) available
More Solutions
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Custom printed hang tags
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Extended Content Labels: peel back and multi-layer for additional ingredients, instructions, and languages.
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Vast array of in-house tooling options for custom cuts and special shapes
*Specialty stocks including: Clear, metallic, and white film, & Shrink films