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Candle Labels

Candles are one of the most universally found home décor items, declares the National Candle Association (NCA).

In fact, the NCA has determined that, “Candles are used in 7 out of 10 U.S. households.” Aside from offering inexpensive décor, candles offer flexibility in their variety and design. From a country store creating home-poured jar candles, to high-end retailers selling expensive tapers, candles are a universal product. As a decorative item, the label is equally as important as the creation and design of the candle. We provide our candle customers with compatible adhesives for all candle varieties, whether the label is applied to the jar or directly on the wax. Specific, approved materials and coatings are utilized to ensure all candle labels hold up to high heat during the burning process.

Dion Label Printing works with clients to ensure that every candle label follows a specialized printing, inspection, and finishing procedure.
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Candle Label Solutions

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*Specialty Stocks
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High decoration effects
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Compatible adhesives for candle jars & direct wax adhesion
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Digital printing for multiple candle scents
More Solutions
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Vast array of in-house tooling options for custom cuts and special shapes
*Specialty stocks including: Paper, textured paper and metallic paper films in white, clear or metallic