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January 24th, 2018

How Informative Packaging is Influencing Consumer Education

Adult Gummy Vitamins image
Photo Courtesy of Vitafarm

In the health and beauty industry, finding the right product for your specific needs can be tough. Not only has awareness of our environmental impact increased over the past few years, but consumers are paying closer attention to ingredients of the products they are buying. Is this product non-comedogenic? Is this product paraben-free? How can this product benefit my specific needs? Packaging and label design has evolved and are now being used as a means of information transmission to buyers.

The packaging of a product represents a brand’s promise to deliver quality experience. Consumers trust package information which leads to trust with the brand. With the right product information, consumers can make decisions faster and more effectively. GoSimple released two lines of dietary supplements for men and women called Essential. Both packages have a clean design and indicate which parts of the body is affected by the product. The rest of the package goes in depth with ingredient information, but the benefits of the product are the main focus of the label.

gosimple essential image
Photo Courtesy of GoSimple

Another way companies are using informative packaging to effectively influence consumer’s buying decisions is by using ingredient spotlights with positive word associations on their labels. This allows consumers to research the benefits of the ingredients before purchasing the product. For example, Vitafarm’s weight loss supplement and multivitamin label designs make it easy for the consumer to choose a product based on what they are looking for, whether it’s to burn body fat or boost their metabolism. Vitafarm’s label design is clean, functional, and puts focus on the functions of each type of supplement. There isn’t a cluster of information or overwhelming facts crowded on the label. It is important that Vitafarm made this information clear and consistent throughout its label design so consumers could read more about the product that’s right for them. But be careful! It is important to be conscious of a trend known as “health halo,” which companies use to lure in buyers looking for healthy products. While consumers can focus their attention on labels like “low-fat” and “all-natural” it can lead to overlooking other warning statements in a product, such as high sugar and sodium content.

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