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July 28th, 2020

How Informative Packaging is Influencing Consumer Education

Three Tera Origin products displayed on rock with trees in background

In the supplement, health and beauty, and many other industries, consumers are searching for products to meet their unique requirements. Not only has awareness of our environmental impact increased over the past few years, but consumers are paying closer attention to ingredients of the products they are buying. Is this product non-comedogenic? Does this product have organic ingredients? How can this product benefit my specific needs? Packaging and label design have evolved and are now being used as a way to transmit important information to buyers.

The packaging of a product represents a brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience. Effective package information can lead to trust of the brand. With the right product information showcased in the right way, you can nudge a consumer toward your product over the many others that are available to the,m.

Terra Origin found the perfect way to balance eye-catching label design with informative comsumer information. Their clean, yet colorful and fun design works well with their product's descriptions and graphics.

JBN product on wooden steps next to green plant leaves

Another way companies are using informative packaging to effectively influence consumer’s buying decisions is by using ingredient spotlights with positive word associations on their labels. This allows consumers to research the benefits of the ingredients before purchasing the product.

For example, JBN/Just be Natural’s has a distinct and recognizable look to their labels, especially their Earth Superior Veggie Plant Based Protein. Right off the bat, a consumer can look at the product and know that this protein powder is specifically plant based with all ingrediants being non-GMO. JBN's labels strike the perfect balance between being informative and attractive to potential customers.

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