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June 23rd, 2020

Labels We Love: Bare + Bloom

Bare + Bloom Labels on Digital Press

With the increasing consumer demand for clean and safe products, many brands in the health and beauty industry are embracing more natural processes and ingredients. Bare + Bloom Naturals are taking it even further with their inclusive collection of high-quality, natural, and sustainable skin and hair care products. Their offerings include everything from makeup removers to split-end treatments and beard oils, so Bare + Bloom has all your skin and hair care needs covered—they even have a line for babies! From original, unadulterated ingredients to eco-friendly grooming accessories, Bare + Bloom’s handcrafted products promote health and beauty naturally. They are backed by an uncompromising commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing and packaging processes as well as unending attentiveness to customers’ needs.

While the integrity of Bare + Bloom’s all-natural, sustainably crafted health and beauty products and their commitment to their customers and the environment are the essential features of the brand, it doesn’t hurt that they have incredible labels! With such a vast line of products, they knew that consistency would be key in their label design. Metallic botanical features, their distinctive bear icon, and gloss finishes are the hallmarks of all their labels, combining the best of minimalism with some radiant features.

Bare + Bloom Product Labels

Bare + Bloom’s labels have either black or white backgrounds. The textual elements and logo are black on the white labels and silver and white on the black labels, creating a nice sense of symmetry throughout the products. They use a serif font that has a vintage feel, harkening to days when chemicals did not abound in product ingredients. The overall feel of the labels is both simple and sophisticated.

Bare + Bloom Product Labels

We printed these labels on metallic film, so while the color scheme is simple, particular design features of the label stand out, most notably the botanical leaf graphics. On both the white and black backgrounds, these leaves are gold. They are designed impeccably, so the leaves themselves give a natural feeling of flow as if they’re really falling from a tree. The labels also include a series of informative graphics, so customers know right away that they’re getting vegan, all natural, gluten, paraben, and GMO-free products!

Bare + Bloom Baby Product Labels

Bare + Bloom’s baby product labels also have a white background. The leaves are still a prominent feature, but instead of being gold they are polychromed in teal, blue, green, and peach. Their logo, name, and product type are metallic teal. These labels are on-brand and consistent with the rest of their products, but they encompass an added feeling of light-heartedness perfectly fitting for baby products.

If you’re looking for a line of natural skin and hair care products created by a brand that truly cares about the environment and you, Bare + Bloom Naturals is exactly what you need. If you want amazing labels that will help you communicate your brand values and attract potential customers, turn to Dion Label Printing! Request a free sample packet today to see our work for yourself!

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