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July 7th, 2020

Face the Elements with Pressure Sensitive Labels

Thermometer in sun reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Many pressure sensitive labels are applied to products that will be stored in stable, room-temperature conditions. But what if the label you need is going to be applied to an item that is stored outdoors? With an outdoor application, how the label will weather the elements is a major consideration. It is essential that you partner with a label printer who understands both the technical requirements of labels with outdoor applications and your unique needs as a business.

Our team of label experts will handle the technical specifications and guide you to the right label for your product and its use. While there are many aspects that play a role in how your label will adhere and hold up to outdoor exposure, such as the material type and thickness, adhesive type, and coating, you don’t have to worry about any of the technical details! When you partner with Dion, you get a dedicated customer support representative who will talk you through every element of your label production. For outdoor label applications, the most important points to communicate to us are:

  •     Will your label be exposed direct sunlight?
  •     Will your label be exposed to high humidity?
  •      Will your label need to be water resistant?
  •      Will your label be exposed to frigid temperatures?
  •      Will your label need to endure fluctuating temperatures?
  •      What type of material will your label be applied to?

Once we’ve gathered this information from you, we will make material and coating recommendations. For most applications, we will also send you samples of the exact material. It is extremely important that you test your label material over a 48-72-hour period within your specified conditions—you’d be surprised by the big effect a small detail like humidity level can have!

Many of the outdoor labels we print are for manufacturers of machines and equipment that have product warnings, use instructions, or other details that are integral to maintaining user safety or product integrity. We understand that having these labels peel, fade, or otherwise deteriorate is not an option. We have decades of experience partnering with large and small companies on their outdoor use product labels and can assure you that a label printed with us will be durable and meet all your expectations.

Of course, environmental concerns are not the only determining factor in ensuring you get the label that’s right for you. If you have color concerns or are looking for labels that are consistent from one product line to the next, Dion is the printer you need. You can find our Label Ordering Checklist here to help make sure your next label project goes off without a hitch!

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