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May 23rd, 2019

Shrink Sleeves Solving Challenges for Cannabis Companies

NETA Drops - Shrink Sleeves

The challenges currently facing brands in the cannabis industry are many and varied. States that have legalized recreational cannabis use have their own rules and regulations in regard to labeling and packaging requirements. Whatever kind of cannabis product you are making, from edibles to vaporizers, your packaging choices have to be both appealing to potential buyers and meet the often stringent local regulations with regard to labeling and security. Below, find some of the many ways that shrink sleeves created by Dion can help cannabis companies boost brand recognition and meet regulatory requirements!

Extra Design Space - The cannabis industry has seen incredible growth over the last several years, and market experts project that this upward trend in recreational cannabis sales is only going to continue. Not only are many smaller companies getting their foothold in this burgeoning industry, but many big players from other industries, Coca Cola and Budweiser to name two, are making acquisitions and moves to enter the field. To differentiate your cannabis brand, your label needs to be striking. Shrink sleeves enable you to increase your label coverage to 100%, greatly extending the space your creative team has to make an impression on potential customers.

Unique Containers – In any market that has growing opportunity, there is huge potential for success; the flip side of that coin is that competition usually becomes more intense as markets expand. This is certainly true for the cannabis industry. Shrink sleeves offer a special opportunity to differentiate your brand that other types of labels can’t compete with: the ability to fit to unique containers. Labeling a container that is not a standard size or shape can be difficult or nearly impossible, but shrink sleeves offer the perfect solution. Consumers are drawn to out-of-the-ordinary containers, and when competition is fierce, a unique container with a perfectly fitted shrink sleeve can be a spectacular way to outpace the competition.

Extra Space for Product Information – Currently every state has its own requirements about the product information that is required for cannabis product labeling. Regardless of your company’s location, however, there are sure to be rules about ingredient and product information that you must communicate to buyers. Shrink sleeves  not only give you added space for spectacular design, but the extra real estate they provide can also be used to share relevant or required information with your customers.

Tamper Resistance – As with many consumable products, even when there are not laws regarding tamper-resistant packaging, often times customers will not consider buying something if it does not come equipped with tamper-evident packaging. A vast range of cannabis products fall into the categories of edible/drinkable products or supplemental-use products. As such, tamper resistance is essential. Rather than the hassle of purchasing secondary labels and other devices to offer tamper-resistance, shrink sleeves, which can be equipped with perforations, are the simplest and most cost-effective way to provide tamper-evidence right on your main label.

Child-Proof Packaging – For cannabis brands, child-resistant packaging is not only important, it is required by law. While shrink sleeves themselves are not necessarily child-proof, when coupled with a compliant container, they can be an added deterrent from cannabis products getting into the wrong hands. They offer a great opportunity to demonstrate that while your cannabis product is outstanding, it is meant only for responsible adult use!

If you’re looking for ways to grow your cannabis brand, Dion Label Printing has the print solutions to get you started. Shrink sleeves are just one of the many options we offer to maximize your product’s shelf-appeal and help make sure you’re meeting regulatory requirements. Read more about keeping cannabis products safe here.

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