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Customer Success Story: Vanished Valley Brewing

Customer Success Story: Vanished Valley Brewing
Vanished Valley Brewing: Craft Brewing Beyond the Status Quo

Foundations of the Brand

New breweries are arising at a pace unimaginable even a decade ago, and the rate of growth of the craft brew industry as a whole is mind-boggling. For a brewery to stand out in such a crowded field, it needs to provide something unique. Vanished Valley Brewing Company is certainly special among the vast number of companies creating brews. According to co-founder and head brewer Josh Britton, when Vanished Valley began in 2016, it was “spawned from the love and passion for creating exciting local craft beer that is meant to be shared with others.” Located in Ludlow, Massachusetts, Vanished Valley is a brand with a story to tell—oh, and they also craft delightful local libations for all seasons!

Named in honor of the four towns that were disincorportated as a result of the redirection and damming of the Swift River and the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts, Vanished Valley commemorates the work and sacrifice that was made to benefit others. They fittingly work diligently to promote community through their craft. They believe in challenging limits and stretching the status quo of certain beer styles and constantly creating new offerings. Their beers include New England Style India Pale Ales, Milkshake India Pale Ales, traditional Pale Ales, Stouts, Kolsch, and Saisons.

Working with Dion

Josh Britton and his Co-Founders Mike Rodrigues and Manny Vital absolutely nailed the creation of incredible beers. But after opening their doors, they realized they “weren’t only opening a brewery, but also opening a packaging company that needed a local partner well-versed in label needs and quick turnaround times,” states Josh. At this time, after hearing great things about Dion Label Printing in the tightly-knit craft brew community, they partnered with us as their first label printer. They have not looked back since.

Because of the constantly changing arena in the brewing industry, Vanished Valley has to be able to adapt to unexpected challenges, and Dion has to be able to respond in kind. Vanished Valley’s labels are unique and breathtaking. They work with an independent artist for their label design and artwork needs, and Dion works closely with that artist to ensure appropriate sizing, finishing, and overall print quality. Dion’s prepress team helps in the revision and editing of some of Vanished Valley’s labels, saving them time and money from having to go back to their artist for those edits. It is integral to our relationship with Vanished Valley that we are responsive to on-the-fly changes that need to be made. Josh says Dion’s ability to make sure their needs are quickly addressed is “something we cannot put a price on when working within such a busy and shifting industry.”

Vanished Valley’s Labels

Vanished Valley’s brews have labels that are as appealing as the beers themselves. And while the labels for their many varieties each have distinctive features, as a whole they have a cohesive look, with matte finishes, beautiful art, and bold colors. Check out three of their amazing labels below.

VV Equivalent

Vanished Valley’s Equivalent Pale Ale has a label that is unique; while many breweries go for the “no label look” with a clear film, Vanished Valley takes it to another level by adding a matte finish. We love the pale seafoam green juxtaposed with the translucent but bright red.

VV Downriver

The label for Downriver IPA is literally frame-worthy. The silhouetted shadows of the trees against the deep teals used for the sky and water are stunning. The water in the foreground is so expertly designed (and printed!) that it actually gives the sensation of movement.

VV Milkshake IPA

For a special brew you need a special label. Vanished Valley’s Milkshake IPAs don’t disappoint in either category. With their vintage soda shop feel and digitally printed background that mimics a textured material, these labels are show-stoppers for sure.

The Future of Vanished Valley

The craft brew industry continues to change and grow, and we expect to see Vanished Valley continue to change and grow with it. According to Josh, Dion’s “professionalism, talent, and overall world class customer service” have kept them coming back to us. We’d like to say that Vanished Valley has these same qualities, along with the creativity and expertise to make incredible beers that keep their customers coming back as well. We look forward to many years of continued partnership with Vanished Valley, and to their continued creation of amazing brews!

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