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January 23rd, 2020

Dion Quality: Perfection Through Process – Post-Production

A roll of labels being run on our inspection equipment

This month, we’ve been focusing on the different processes we perform to produce the highest quality labels possible. From the moment you place an order with us (and even before), we have a highly skilled and diligent team that strives to make sure everything goes just right. We discussed the process we’ve implemented to ensure the quality of your label prior to production here and during production here. But even after your label is finished on press, we continue the many steps of our quality process. We have a Quality Control department that executes yet another series of checks. Before your labels are shipped from our facilities, we place paramount importance on verifying that they meets our high standards of quality.

A member of our shipping team hard at work

Our Quality Control team is made up of talented individuals who have been trained to work with the best inspection equipment and spot even the tiniest defects in your printed labels. Once your labels are off press and in the hands of our inspection team, we have a documented 20+ point quality check that includes barcode scanning, verification of items, and establishing the correct final copy position of your labels on the roll. Every label is scanned using high-speed inspection equipment by one of our experienced Quality Control team members. We use best practices for label segregation, line clearance, and equipment maintenance. We know how important inventory tracking is for many of our customers, so we have standard operating procedures for labeling your rolls. . We use a unique multi-part core label as well as a lot number used to track all production data.

A member of our shipping team completing a quality checklist

While our Quality Control team makes sure your labels have the correct copy position, the appropriate labels for your internal tracking, and are free from defect, our Shipping department makes certain that your labels arrive to you in perfect condition. They verify all items, quantities, and PO numbers yet again. They also check to make sure that any shipping specifications are met and that carton and product information are appropriately documented. With decades of experience, our Shipping team is expert at making sure all items are packed securely and efficiently so damage does not occur during transport. A certificate of Compliance is finally signed by our Quality Assurance team, the final step in our quality process before your labels are cleared for shipment.  

Our mission at Dion Label Printing is to provide superior printed label solutions and unparalleled service to build lasting partnerships. We do so by producing the utmost quality labels for every one of our customers. Through over 50 years in business, we have refined our quality process to include such a vast number of checks because we believe our partnerships are founded on giving you the service and quality label solutions you deserve.

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